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The introduction of the competition
Summary: "International slimming competition" is the first professional lose weight international competition in human history...

   "International slimming competition" is the first professional lose weight international competition in human history, this contest has the most participants, the most extensive distribution and the largest investment. The world first-class lose weight expert team provide all participants lose weight training and professional service, with the world's most advanced weight loss technology and equipments, application of the world most advanced weight-loss equipments. The competition is hosted by "American international new health fund", sponsored by Golden group in United States and D&W international group in United States. In global there are five Regionalliga, includes Regionalliga America, Regionalliga China, Regionalliga Europe, Regionalliga Asia and Regionalliga Australia. The zone basicly covers nearly 80 countries, 70% of the world's population.
   "International slimming competition" will set up nearly one hundred lose weight camps in five regionalliga, about 50 ~ 100 thousand dieters can enter into the camps. The world first-class diet expert teams apply the world's most advanced Golden reducing weight technology and equipments which values ten million RMB, to carry out enclosed training for five months. The 20 winners from the five regionalliga will join in the knockout which will last a month in lose weight camp in the United States. The person who eventually wins "international lose weight king", will get prizes of US $250000. Five regionalliga champion will be awarded bonuses which worth of $150000.
   The purpose of "International slimming competition" is to promote the new concept, science, health reducing weight technology and method to global public by holding international slimming competition, help more reducing weight persons gain longer effective result in reducing weight, let world gets more healthy and beautiful.
   "International slimming competition” are nonprofit public welfare health activities, costs of the competition are invested and sponsored by business institutions. The organization of the competition is planning to use all kinds of platform, unite media in many countries, provide reduce weight teaching materials and reducing weight courses for millions of obese in global. Welcome the persons who care about the health of human being, join in our international health big action.
   Against globalization trend of obesity, is the most difficult and urgent mission ever in human history. The purpose of the United States international new health fund is to improve human health, with the full support of Golden group and D&W international group in United States, to organize international slimming competition. Its purpose is to use this attractive activity, attract more reducing weight persons join in the science lose weight teams, Through the use of advanced reducing weight technology, advertise health and science reducing weight knowledge to the more reducing weight persons, more effectively help obese people get lasting effective result in reducing weight.

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